Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016 : Appreciation Note

Assalamualaikum =)

This post will be last post for year 2016. So, too much things need to summarize. But, I'll try to make it short, simple and sweet. 

To be honest, never though 2016 flew so fast. First things first, I succeeded to complete my Final Year Project and of course my last examination as degree student. Only student know how it feels. hahahaha. Then, being exposed in working area to be specific in industrial where my internship begin. And, right now be my workplace. Until now! Never knew I could get this opportunity but yeah alhamdulillah. To all my friend out there, if you are still unemployed please don't lose hope, He save the best for you. So, chill dulu habiskan masa dengan family.hehehe

Next things, it is more related to family. My brother went to UMP to further his studying even quite far from home but he is a boy! Harus berdikari sikitlah kan? Hehehe. And Alhamdulillah, this year I still get to celebrate Aidilfitri with my beloved one, family. Lebih banyak masa berpuasa dihabiskan bersama dengan family. Nilai yang tak terhingga.

Kakak dia yang sedih. Huhuhu

And recently my big day just happened. Bukan tunang atau kahwin okay, itu masih dalam perancangan. Ehhh. haha. It is a Graduation day! 4 years and plus plus finally I completed my degree. Lap ayaq mata sket. huhuhuh. The feeling was different. Starting my car enter the front gate, until my name was announced and get a scroll, it is really the best moment. Rasa macam nak graduate lagi. Haha. But, the most things is people who are together with me during my journey. My lecturer, my family; mom, dad, brother, family IChemTech Gen5, family SISPA, labmates and to include to all people yang pernah hadir/kenal selama ini. I do believe, pertemuan kita tak akan ditakdirkan hanya sekadar perkenalan tetapi ada hikmah yang tersirat. <3

Pose grad -- baling mortar board.
Haishh, rindula pulak suasana dalam kuliah.

Love my small family. 

And if you ask me what one words best to describe 2016, I would say, EXPERIENCE! Really, this year I just experience many new things. So, hopefully 2017, I could get to experience other things and much better in many aspects. Thank you Allah! And to close this year, I truly pray the best for your career, health and future in Sha Allah. And sincerely from me, sorry for any wrongdoings I have made.  Till we meet again! Happy new year!