Friday, January 26, 2018

Good Start for 2018? ...

Assalamualaikum =)

Hi everybody! Little bit late to wish happy new year I guess but better late than never huh? Hahaha. So, again Happy 2018!

Randomly I just pick my laptop and actually having a great time browsing Hermo (beauty website). And I'm not buying anything. hehehe.  Then, suddenly i thought about this blog. How long I left you without any update? Poor you, my blog. Lol. I think as I'm grew older my laziness towards this blog is real guys. At first when I started to blog, my purpose is to share my university's life. Then, i realized I have other hobbies which writing a poem. And I did in this blog but at this point I think my blog is more towards sharing thing. Just what I did right now =)

Okay, it just an intro but here the thing. Every year when it comes to 1st January I'm always think what should I do in this year? I mean, different thing that can make this year being memorable Something like, "Oh, this year i have graduated " etc. And I'm not a person who always have a resolution every year (don't know if it good or bad? haha). Because I dont want to be sad or get hurt if I cant achieve that resolution. So, in other words I'm just follow the flow. But for this year, 2018 what I want to change is my inner soul.

I want to be brave in making a decision. Especially a decision that can change my life. I'm always have this thought that I'm scared to step out from my conform zone like what if I cant make this, what others will say about me and bla bla bla bla. And because of that I'm still be the same as before. I know its gonna be hard at first but once I did it successfully it will make the biggest changes in my life. Wow, just think about it make me happy if only if I have that courageous. Do pray for me ya!

I dont know what is your resolution but my prayer that all your resolution or dream will achieve this year. If not, find something that make you proud for this year. Dont be sad and be happy! Thanks for reading. Much love, Dilla.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Masa Lampau

Assalamualaikum =)

Its good to be back again! *Breath out*

To be honest, my past life was really amazing! 
I'm really enjoyed every moment until I realized it just a dream. *Sigh,* Because right now I'm thinking all the memory I had and smiling alone. I'm not a psycho girl if you want to know. hahaha

What I miss a lot about my past life was school time.
Even though with the examination thingy, I think if I get a chance to be back I'm the one who are excited to the most. But, please NO EXAMINATION ok?

It was a time when I learn to be friend with people, trying out new things, participated in any quizzes, tournament, sports day, having all week training before the competition and etc. And one thing for sure I miss a lot was life at hostel. 

I'm living in a hostel for about 5 years-- of course from Form 1-5 obviously. Hahhahaha. I know, not all people will agree with me living in a hostel is good/amazing, but for me, that is a part of things that make me who am I right know. For me. 

That time, I learn to be punctual, manage time wisely and life with the rules. The best things I learn is about religion things. I started to solat jamaah, because it is a rule at first. But then, slowly I did it willingly and didnt thinks its a rule. But still pernah jugak tak solat jamaah dekat surau. Banyak kali jugak rasanya. Hehehe. And I know thing about usrah. Every night, we read Al-Mulk together sampai ada yang tersengguk2 sebab ngantuk punya pasal. Hahaha. Paling best when it comes to Ramadhan. We did tadarrus Al-quran with whole student in hostel and breaking fast together.

Yes, when it comes about hostel life I can described it as our togetherness. Together doing keceriaan dorm -- gigih cari idea nak cantikkan dorm sebab nak menang. lol sangat. Doing gotong royong -- including the toilet- sental2 sambil nyanyi, And bila kena denda pun together. Hahaha. Right know, when I'm looking back the old picture, seeing each of them, rasa macam tak percaya, eh dia ni yang nakal2 dulu dah kawin dah, eh yang ni kalau mandi mesti lama-- dah nak dapat anak da, yang ni selalu tidur dalam kelas tapi bila exam selalu power dah berjaya dah sekarang and bla bla bla. 

Right now, all of us growing up in different way. But I do believe all of you had achieved something within this 24th of your life. Only you know how the achievement looks like. And thanks for the camera which always capture picture with the hidden memory, because right know (till I write this post) I keep smiling seeing those picture. It brings a lot of memory. Thank you.

Actually, there is a lot things to be shared about my past life, but yeah let me just feeling it by myself okay? Till then, thank you for drop by and take your time read my not-so-memory post. See you again.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Assalamualaikum =)

Happy fasting everyone! Hopefully this Ramadhan will give barakah to us. In sha Allah. Ameen!
So today, after I got back home, it suddenly raining heavily. It just 6:30 pm and the cloud is very dark. And I was thinking about seller in bazaar Ramadhan.

Why? All about risk.

Tempat mereka berniaga. Ada tempat yang selesa -- tempat rata. If hujan, mereka tak perlu risau banjir. What if the place rendah, dekat dengan saliran air yang kurang baik, banjir might be happen. Simple.

Well, pembaziran dekat sini is more to what they sell. Obviously something we eat and drink. They sell for us, but when raining, we might not be there. And after some time, they just throw away and will start again for another day. I know maybe not all seller did because there were some people will give to others as sedekah but still there must be a little wasting.

Out ⇎ In
In a simple word, kerugian. Apa yang mereka jual, modal berbeza-beza. Ada yang modal kecil, untung besar, modal besar untung kecil dan paling2 pun dapat balik modal. But if raining, I believe there must be a little loss. Belum kira penat preparation, beli bahan, nak tarik pelanggan, tutup kedai, all are risk need to be calculated. But, yeah this is some risk that they as seller need to be faced. 

And because of raining--seller in bazaar, I was thinking that all job in this world have their own risk. Danger, environment, salary, people and anything not to mention are part of risk. But, the question is;

Can we handle the risk? Yes!
Can we avoid the risk? Yes. 
Can we stop the risk? No. Why?
Because there must be a risk to achieve the success.
So that, if another risk come, we are prepared to face it. Isn't it?

So, prepare yourself for any risk and learn from that. Selamat berbuka puasa everyone! Thank you for stopping by, even bukan dengan kerelaan hati pun. Hahahaha.