Monday, March 16, 2015

Cabaran 5 Hari: #4 I've got a Blank Space

Assalamualaikum =)

I think I've reach a phase which is called a Blank Space. Blank. Empty. Zero.
But yes, you know every human gifted with a brain. A brain is not just a thing indeed mind in it. Getting older day by day, cant be an excuse for us for being blank. Sometimes, we just cant think creatively and straightly maybe due to environment. I guess! We are getting stressful, frustrating every second we get blank.

But, hey just calm and chill! That is a maturity process. You got blank maybe you are being pushed by people surrounding you. Being pushed can be good and bad effect. Bad effect will come when they are give a high pressure to you. But at last, it back to you again. You choose the path that you comfortable. Put the highest priorities first and surely as a Muslim, we have Him. Don't be arrogant to make a prayer.

Life is getting hard every single day. But, doesn't it mean a LIFE? Life is not complete if there is no hardship. Easy and hard, ups and down are compliment each other.
So that we know how life can be so meaningful.