Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Assalamualaikum =)

Happy fasting everyone! Hopefully this Ramadhan will give barakah to us. In sha Allah. Ameen!
So today, after I got back home, it suddenly raining heavily. It just 6:30 pm and the cloud is very dark. And I was thinking about seller in bazaar Ramadhan.

Why? All about risk.

Tempat mereka berniaga. Ada tempat yang selesa -- tempat rata. If hujan, mereka tak perlu risau banjir. What if the place rendah, dekat dengan saliran air yang kurang baik, banjir might be happen. Simple.

Well, pembaziran dekat sini is more to what they sell. Obviously something we eat and drink. They sell for us, but when raining, we might not be there. And after some time, they just throw away and will start again for another day. I know maybe not all seller did because there were some people will give to others as sedekah but still there must be a little wasting.

Out ⇎ In
In a simple word, kerugian. Apa yang mereka jual, modal berbeza-beza. Ada yang modal kecil, untung besar, modal besar untung kecil dan paling2 pun dapat balik modal. But if raining, I believe there must be a little loss. Belum kira penat preparation, beli bahan, nak tarik pelanggan, tutup kedai, all are risk need to be calculated. But, yeah this is some risk that they as seller need to be faced. 

And because of raining--seller in bazaar, I was thinking that all job in this world have their own risk. Danger, environment, salary, people and anything not to mention are part of risk. But, the question is;

Can we handle the risk? Yes!
Can we avoid the risk? Yes. 
Can we stop the risk? No. Why?
Because there must be a risk to achieve the success.
So that, if another risk come, we are prepared to face it. Isn't it?

So, prepare yourself for any risk and learn from that. Selamat berbuka puasa everyone! Thank you for stopping by, even bukan dengan kerelaan hati pun. Hahahaha.