Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 : Matured Enough?

Assalamualaikum =)

Hope not too late to wish a very Happy New Year to all. So, 2017 just coming and January just ended, replace with February. The shortest month I guess! hahaha. Hope everything fine and well.

In sha Allah, this year I will be turning 24th and it just amazing number. I don't know i'm just feeling it that way. Looking back 10 years ago, when I were 14, I am thinking what will I be in that year? I have no idea what I will be, because I don't have a specific ambition. (Adik2 please jangan ikut perangai akak okay) What I remember I want to be either a doctor, lecturer or dentist. Besar cita2 akak tuu. hahaha. And today, I end up as someone who graduate in chemistry field. Makanya, doctor or dentist tu boleh tolak tepi2 la. 

So, are you regret?
Big question for me.
No, I don't regret.
Answer from me.

Because I believe, Allah has the best plan for me, and I should follow the path. He never give something bad for me and of course for you. It just about time. Sometime, what we planned not going very fine, And sometime we fall before we succeed. Trust me, maybe that was not a good decision, and to be honest He want us to learn from that. Lesson learnt.

To live in this world, the most thing is getting a blessing. Blessing from Him and parents. You studying/working very hard but you don't pray, its like an empty box. Empty. And if your parents don't give any blessing on what you're doing, it just like nothing. Empty + Nothing = 0. So, what you're doing is a waste. Simple. Hopefully, we're not in that situation. Okay, deal! hehehe

Lastly, thank you for stopping by and lend your time reading this post. Till we meet again. Love.

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